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Application for Refund
Before You Start:
Here is some information to help you with the process of Application for Refund.
    • Allows the lodger to request for refund of payments made; such requests are assessed on a case by case basis. Please note that refund is not applicable for wrong product purchasedThe applicant will be notified of the outcome once the application is processed
    • For request to refund penalty for the late renewal of business, please provide supporting document(s) for consideration.
    • Please ensure that all the required information and documents, if any, are ready before you proceed with the application:
    • (i) Transaction No. / Receipt No. /EP Reference No./ARN
    • (ii) Reason of refund
    • (iii) Mode of refund- use original mode of payment or bank (to provide bank details & submit signed DCA form in original copy)
    • (iv) Contact Details (for refund-related correspondence only)
    • Application Steps:
      1. Enter the Transaction Number/ Receipt Number/EP Reference Number/ARN
      2. Under the "Receipts" tab, select the transaction(s) and provide the reason(s) for refund
      3. Under the "Mode of Refund" tab, confirm the refund back to original mode of payment used, or change mode by selecting "Change Payment Mode"
      4. Provide the contact details and click Submit
    • This e-Service will take about 10 minutes to complete.
    • This application will take 30 working day(s) to process.
    • The maximum file size is 5MB and the acceptable file type is PDF, where file submission is required.